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Babia Góra National Park

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Babia Góra has always been fascinating. It attracted with its mystery and beauty of nature. It is not surprising, then, that the interest she has aroused and arouses in new generations of researchers of her treasures. The first mention of Babia Góra dates back to the second half of the 15th century and was included in his work "Chronographia Regni Poloniae" by Jan Długosz, providing a description of its location and a brief description. Almost a hundred years later, Babia Góra was placed on the maps, and Marcin of Urzędów did it in his work "Herbarz, or herbarium", where he mentioned that this mountain is very rich in many types of medicinal herbs. However, as far as a fair description, Babia Góra was not published until 1699 in "Dziejopis Żywiecki" by Andrzej Komoniecki. The nineteenth century opened a new period in the scientific exploration of Babia Góra, which is described, among others Stanisław Staszic, Ludwik Zejszner and many others. The tireless researcher and advocate of the creation of the first hostel near Babia Góra - Hugo Zapałowicz - made great contributions to learning about Babia Góra nature. The beginning of the 20th century brought a number of changes, and the regained independence enabled the commencement of efforts to grant Babia Góra legal protection. In 1925, the State Council for Nature Conservation was established. creation of a national park on Babia Góra. Kazimierz Sosnkowski and Władysław Midowicz made significant contributions to this. Further efforts in which such outstanding naturalists as Walery Goetel and Władysław Szafer were involved led to the reserve management in 1928 of 403 ha of sub-peak parties and, what is particularly important, to create a reserve of approximately 642 ha in 1933. In this way, the total area of ​​protected areas on Babia Góra was 1045 ha. During the war, Babia Góra was intensively exploited by the Germans. Efforts for protection could only be resumed after the war, which resulted in a regulation issued by the Council of Ministers of October 30, 1954 on the creation of the Babiogórski National Park, whose area was over 1703ha.


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