Tło Żywiec Beskids

Żywiec Landscape Park

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Created in 1986, the Żywiec Landscape Park is the oldest landscape park in the Polish Carpathians. The park stretches in the Żywiec Beskids from Zwardoń in the west to Korbielów in the east. In the south it reaches the border with Slovakia, in the north its limit is approximately the Jeleśnia-Żywiec road. The area of ​​the Żywiec Landscape Park is 358.70 km2, and the buffer zone - 186.00 km2. The park includes two mountain ranges: the Wielka Raczy group and the Pilska group. The Wielka Raczy Group, called because of its characteristic shape, is "Worka Raczański" is located in the western part of the park. This range extends from the Zwardońska Pass to the Glinka Pass. The highest peaks are Wielka Raczą (1236 m a.s.l.) and Wielka Rycerzowa (1226 m a.s.l.).


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